Pennvention 2016 Final Round Results

Posted by The Pennvention Team on 04/13/16.

On Wednesday, 8 teams came and pitched incredible projects to a panel of judges. After 3 hours of presentations, Q&A, and judge deliberations, here are the awards:

Weiss Tech House Awards

Grand Prize ($5000): BioCellection

Second Prize ($2500): Perseus Mirrors

Third Prize ($1500): XEED

Sponsor Awards

Integra Life Sciences Prize ($3000): XEED

MentorTech Ventures Award ($500): Perseus Mirrors

Social Impact Prize ($1950): BioCellection and XEED

Arcweb Technologies Award ($5000): Perseus Mirrors

Congratulations to all teams!

Announcing the Pennvention 2016 Finalists!

Posted by The Pennvention Team on 04/01/16.

After the most rigorous and competitive Pennvention season in over 10 years, these 8 teams have made it to the finals. On April 13, 2016, these teams will compete for over $20,000 in cash and in-kind prizes. Check them out:


Plastic pollution is a global crisis that threatens the lives of wildlife and the food safety for 4 billion people. BioCellection upcycles recyclable plastic waste into valuable compound rhamnolipid for textiles using genetically engineered bacteria. This invention has the potential to clean plastic pollution around the world, disrupt the textiles industry, and grow into a $100MM business in 5 years. Our vision is to turn a global crisis into an even greater opportunity.


Lilu is making breast pumping a truly hands-free experience. Lilu's first product is a dual nursing and pumping bra that automates breast compression using soft robotics. This way, the user can have a truly hands-free pumping session and focus on what she cares about while pumping: working, being productive on her phone, or just relaxing. The Lilu compression bra increases the efficiency, output, and comfort of breast pumping for working mothers and mothers with concerns about their breast milk supply so they can reach their breastfeeding goals.


JuntoSalimos is the first technological platform that helps Spanish-speaking early-stage entrepreneurs promote their start-ups, receive ideas from experienced professionals, and build key connections to move their ventures forward and succeed. Likewise, the platform offers an innovative software as a service for entrepreneurship communities to connect their entrepreneurs and mentors, and build, monitor, and map their entrepreneurial ecosystem.


XEED accelerates physical therapy for those with degenerative movement disorders by enabling therapists to monitor exactly how their patients move throughout the day and to provide personalized recommendations. XEED is a network of one to four wearable devices that are worn on the wrists and ankles. They capture the motion of each limb and sync the data to a smartphone where it is compared against benchmarks set by the therapist. With XEED, therapists and patients can work together outside the clinic to understand the specific needs to maintain effective rehabilitation in between monthly therapy sessions. This enhanced guidance helps patients understand their present capabilities, equipping them with the knowledge to expand them. The XEED team will work with research foundations and use the collected data to unravel the mysteries behind movement disorders and to contribute to the development of a diagnostic test and cure for diseases like Parkinson's. XEED helps you understand your limits so you can never stop trying to exceed them.


XpressCart is the smart shopping cart that personalizes in-store shopping experiences and helps supermarkets stand out in the competition with online shopping. Customers can keep track of what they've bought, receive customized recommendations based on their cart contents and shopping history, and finish payment on the cart. Utilizing its strength in individual customer shopping data, XpressCart also helps supermarkets increase sales, make more targeted marketing techniques, and cut labor costs.

Perseus Mirrors

Perseus is the next-generation, smart, interactive mirror that optimizes the time you spend in front of the mirror every day. Perseus helps users save time through organized information delivery and extends the functionality of the mirror to allow you to connect with friends and family. Features include customized wardrobe recommendations based on your style profile, phone and bluetooth integration for delivery of text messages and travel updates, an embedded camera for capturing the perfect selfie, the ability to try on 'virtual' jewelry and clothing, and an open development platform that allows for countless other customizable features.


Fermento has innovated, patented, and applied an existing Penn's proprietary droplet-maker technology to speed up the production process used by the $520 billion global beer industry to make beer. Fermentation is a significant bottleneck in beer production as yeast takes up to three weeks to convert sugar liquid into alcohol into a batch reactor setting. Through microfluidic-based production, Fermento can speed up fermentation by up to 9 times that of existing batch reactors while maintaining alcohol quality and composition at an industrial scale. Faster beer production can lead to substantial cost reductions and supply and profit growth for large-scale beer manufacturers, as well as smaller microbreweries.


The body tells an evolving story every day, and it doesn't make sense that people don't have access to every page of this story. When you can't follow a story, you lose interest. This is dangerous as our health is one of the most important stories of our lives. At InnaMed, we're opening up that story by creating the gateway to personalized healthcare. With only one drop of blood required and without needing to visit a lab, our home blood testing device allows you to painlessly track the same important health indicators that doctors use to assess your overall health. Since the results are stored on your device, for the first time, you can track your personal health over time, identify problems as they emerge (along with steps to solve them), and send results to your local doctor.