Pennvention 2014 Final Round Results

Posted by The Pennvention Team on 4/9/14.

On Monday, 8 teams came and pitched incredible projects to a panel of judges. After 3 hours of presentations, Q&A, and judge deliberations, here are the awards:

Weiss Tech House Awards

Grand Prize ($5000): BioBots

Second Prize ($2500): Fever Smart (fka Life Patch)

Third Prize ($1500): GoogolPlex

Sponsor Awards

Venturef0rth Prize: GovPredict

GovPredict will be joining Venturef0rth this summer for free incubation space (a $5000 value) at their offices.

DreamIt Ventures Award: BioBots

BioBots will be getting an expedited review by the investment team at DreamIt Ventures to secure a place in its summer accelerator program in NYC.

Dr. Chris Mader Award for Innovation in Information Technology ($1000): GoogolPlex

This award was generously sponsored by MentorTech Ventures. It was given in honor of the mentor of Michael Aronson, Managing Partner.

RJMetrics Award: GoogolPlex

This award included $10,000 in business analytics software provided by Penn alum-founded RJMetrics.

Congratulations to all teams!

Announcing the Pennvention 2014 Finalists!

Posted by The Pennvention Team on 3/30/14.

After the most rigorous and competitive Pennvention season in 10 years, these 8 teams have made it to the finals. On April 7, 2014, these teams will compete for over $20,000 in cash and in-kind prizes. Check them out:


We are leveling the playing field for gamers with limited use of their hands, and empowering therapists to use the motivating force of gaming to drive physical rehabilitation. The Haxbox makes it easy to replace standard game controllers with any combination of custom input devices, enabling personalized gaming setups as well as game-based therapy regimens-- both at the clinic and in the home.


We've created a wireless EEG processing system which uses 6 electrodes on the scalp, close to the hairline, and a feature extraction algorithm to detect the onset of a seizure. This algorithm then sends an alert to the patient asking if they need medical attention. It immediately begins recording EEG data upon seizure detection for future processing and research. The device can alert an emergency contact, such as the patient's parent or caretaker.


We are developing a novel 3D printer specifically tailored for bioengineering applications. Our goal is to design the printer so that devices and implantable materials can be produced in a sterile environment. We hope to offer this as a cost-effective service to research groups first at the University of Pennsylvania and then other institutions that are conducting tissue engineering research and are involved in independent device development efforts.

Fever Smart (fka Life Patch)

Life Patch is a small, non-invasive, real-time temperature monitoring system designed for children who suffer from febrile seizures.


The team of John Bergantino and Aman Shah have invented, prototyped, and filed a provisional patent for AWARE, an innovative wearable feedback device to reduce head injuries in football. AWARE give football players immediate audible feedback when they undergo potentially damaging head acceleration; athletes can use the feedback to modify behavior to be more protective of the head. Where most innovations to date aim to identify concussions after they happen, AWARE aims to reduce all impacts.


GoogolPlex allows iPhone users to use Siri to control third-party applications. Currently, Siri only allows users to control Apple apps and services, but GoogolPlex allows users to pay through Venmo, play Spotify, control Philips Hue lights, and more, all through Siri. Moreover, third-party apps like GrubHub, Snapchat, etc. can integrate with GoogolPlex so that users can control their apps with Siri. GoogolPlex won 3rd place out of 220+ projects at PennApps.


Predictive analytics tool for forecasting the passage of bills in Congress and the votes of congressmen.

KLAR Scientific

KLAR is developing a superhydrophobic coating for dental mirrors, that once applied, will keep them clean throughout a procedure.